1. Not exacly intentionally. But I use the internet less now than I used to.. But I think it's important to disconnect once in a while and just enjoy life without social media! =D
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    1. I agree Viviene, it's nice going back and doing the things we used to do before social media came along.
      ~ f

  2. That's a great idea. Unplugging. I try to do the same on Sundays. I know my husband appreciates it, especially since he isn't a big fan of social media.

  3. This post caught my eye because I have unplugged on Sundays. I've told clients that it is reserved as a family day. It's the one day we are all at home and awake at the same time (Hubs works nights sometimes). I found I really don't miss too much being "out of the loop" on Sundays, and there's really not too much to catch up on come Monday.
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    1. Same here, it's so worth it being unplugged for one day. I like how you set that boundary with clients too. I'm sure your family appreciates it.
      ~ f

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