1. This is great! I make sure that I keep my contacts highly organized (everyone had a first & last name, ect ect). But I never thought of organizing my phone in case someone else had to use it or to share my business information. Thank you!

    1. Glad I could inspire you in this way! It’s one of those “Why did I think of that before?” kind of moments.

    2. It's funny, I never thought of doing it that way either until I recommended it to my friend. Funny how things work out.
      ~ f

  2. You my dear are a genius! I do NOT use that term lightly. The professional card. I have shared contacts many times but have never thought about doing this for myself or maybe I have let me check my phone. OK I did do a lot of what you suggested but you have alerted me to some fields I left out. Love it! Thanks for the tip. I love it when I can use them right away. :)
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    1. Oh Pamela, you’ve got me blushing! Thanks for your kind words and for letting me take your professionalism to a new techy level.

  3. I don't have much opportunity to share my contact information but I could be utilizing my contacts section better. Thanks for getting me started.

    1. Glad I could get you thinking about contacts differently. It's amazing how much technology can work for us if we take a moment to think outside of the box.
      ~ f

  4. Ferly, thank you for the great article. You make a great point for emergency situations, but I love that you pointed out that a personal profile/contact and just how convenient it really is. With people trying to reduce paper use and smart phones ruling everyone's pockets, it seems like a no brainier. Thanks again!

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