1. This is so cute! I am fixing up my office right now as well! I will steal some of your fab ides. I blog in the biggest mess you have ever seen! But with this new year my goal is to be clutter free! So I will fallow along with you and see what I can learn! I hope we can both get decluttered! :)

    1. Glad that this can give you some inspiration! You can do it! Here’s to living and being clutter free!~ f

  2. Super cute! Wanted to say thanks for the blog planner printable, been using it and it works like a charm. I’ll be sharing with my readers later this week and will link back to you if that is ok.ThanksKristin

    1. Gee thanks Kristin! I’m glad that the blog planner can serve your bloggy needs. Thanks also for gifting it forward! Hope to see more of you on the blog!~ f

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