1. I've kept a journal since I was ten… that's about twenty books right now, I think. Although lately I blog more, so my blog has become the memoir/journal/living memory for our family. :) I also love doing photobooks, because I can combine pictures with a brief explanation for our family. I think writing down memories is a great idea. I'd love to sit down with my grandparents and get them to tell their stories. My great-uncle fought in WW2 and once my brother asked him about that for a school project, so he wrote out a four-page story for my brother (who then lost it). Now my uncle is dead so we'll never hear the rest of the stories – my grandpa is the only one left of seven siblings.
    My recent post Lest We Forget: How Italy Helped Jewish Refugees in World War 2

    1. Wow Bonnie, since 10!?!! That is amazing! We seldom take advantage of the value in chronicling our lives. I love that you’ve kept it up for so long and have so much content to pick from.

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