{Gifts You Use} Back To School Survival Tips

I am happy to have Kacey from Next Level Mama here today to share some great tips for surviving back to school. With back to school now in full swing, these tips will help carry you through the rest of the school year {or at least until winter break}. Take it away, Kacey!

Its hard to believe its been almost a month since my oldest child started kindergarten. As excited as I was for Samuel to start school, Im learning quickly that having a child in school is a lot of work..for the parents. Im already wondering how its going to be with all three kids in school, but thankfully were three years away from this happening. In the meantime, here are the school survival tips Ive picked up so far.

Get on the Teachers Good Side

Help your childs teacher out by donating a few extra school supplies for the class. You can either buy off your childs school supply list or check with the teacher to see what items he or she needs.

Leave Extra Medicine with the School Nurse

If your child takes medicine on a regular basis and the school allows it, you might consider leaving some with the school nurse. This way if your child has any medical issues, the nurse can respond to them immediately.

Read School Folders and Notes Before Putting the Kids to Bed

Nothing is worse than realizing your child was supposed to do homework the night before as youre packing everyone up to leave for school. Make it a habit to check their folders and school notes as soon as you get home.

Ask Questions

Your child may not talk much about school at first, but keep asking them questions about what they learned, their new friends, the teacher, etc. Before too long, youll find your child willingly telling you about the day.

Prepare the Night Before

It can be hard enough getting the kids out the bed. Take some stress out of your mornings by preparing lunches and picking out clothes the night before.

Check Your Child’s Lunch Account

A couple of friends wised me up to this one. If you use an online account to pay for your childs meals at school, check the account frequently. Its a good way to make sure your child isnt spending their money frivolously. Dont count on the school staff to do this for you.

Label Everything

Kids seem to have a knack for losing things. Not only that, but no matter how unique you think your childs backpack, lunchbox, pencil-case or whatever is, another student is bound to have the same thing. Im loving these Mabels Labels Write Away labels. Theyre perfect if you have multiple kids because you can write in your kids names as needed.

Give Your Child Room to Grow

Starting kindergarten means new learning opportunities and independence for you child. While it can be hard as a parent to let go, resist the urge to be the helicopter parent. Let them learn a few things on their own whether its venturing into the cafeteria on their own or meeting new friends.

What about you all? How are you other first-time kinder parents coping with your child going to school? For the veteran school parents, what other survival tips should we novices know about?

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