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Emergency Contact Card | Free Printable | Gifts We UseOne of my least favorite things about back to school time is all the paperwork that needs to be filled out each year. I realize it’s important for the school have updated information, but somehow, it’s an annoyance. That being said, it is super important to have a plan in place in case of emergency. If something were to happen while the kids are in school, they need to know as much as possible in order to help appropriately. I decided to take that idea a step further. What about each of us? Do we have a means of letting others know who to contact and how to help us in case of an emergency? We should. Now, thanks to this printable, we can.


Why have an emergency contact card?

The idea for an emergency contact card struck me as I was writing my post about making the most of your contacts. Yes, many of us have emergency contacts on our phone, but if we were somehow unresponsive, how would a first responder know who to call? Most of us keep our smart phones locked with a pass code, so it would be impossible for a stranger to know who to contact without unlocking the phone.

Then I thought about all the important information that I keep in my wallet, my ID, proof of auto insurance, medical insurance card, etc. and it hit me. Why not make an emergency contact card with all the vital information needed in case I or my family need help? Brilliant!


Making Your Emergency Contact Card

Here it is! An emergency contact card to keep with you where ever you go. It has all personal information {name, phone and address} along with important medical information {allergies, medication and special needs}. In addition, I have also included a list of contacts to be notified when an emergency arises.


Supplies Needed

  • Paper of your choice {can be plain or card stock}
  • Printer
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Recent photos for each family member’s card
  • Laminator {optional}


    1. Download and print an Emergency Contact Card for each member of your household.
    2. Fill out all information completely {leave nothing blank, mark with N/A if needed}.
    3. Print and crop a recent photo of each family member.
    4. Adhere photo to corresponding card.
    5. Cut out each card on the solid lines.
    6. Fold on the dotted lines {first lengthwise, then widthwise}.
    7. Place in wallet {for adults} and backpacks {for kids}.

Tips and Tricks

  • To make photo editing easy, use PicMonkey.com to create your cropped photos for each family member. Here’s a quick tutorial for cropping perfect 1.25 square inch photos needed for the emergency contact card.


~ Open the photo be edited in PicMonkey.

~ Set the crop proportion size to square.

~ Find the face of the person whose photo you want and apply crop.

~ Resize the cropped image to 125×125 pixels. Click Apply.

~ Save to your computer.

~ Repeat for each family member until all photos have been saved.

~ Insert each photo into a Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac app.

~ Print color photos for adhering to your cards.

  • When folding your cards, I recommend folding the card lengthwise first. Doing this will display all personal information on one half and all contact information on the other half. When you fold it a second time {widthwise}, personal information will be on one side and medical information will be on the other side. This makes for a nice way to look at everything needed while still keeping everything pertinent together.
  • Place the cards in a wallet directly behind identification cards, either a driver’s license or school ID. For kiddos, attach a luggage tag to the inside of the backpack, some even have a card slot built right in. Luggage tags can be bought cheap or crafted. Make it easy and make it fun.


A gift for you

This is one of those things that I hope you never have to use, but will be glad you have in case anything does happen. It is a simple way to get the right information about you and your family into the right hands at the right time. Having vital information in an emergency can be the difference between a close call and a mistake made. I am happy to make this Emergency Contact Card available to all of you as a free printable! It takes a few short minutes to print, complete and create the photos needed for your cards, and the peace of mind you will have about it will be priceless.

Download your gift here

Emergency Contact Card | Free Printable | Gifts We Use

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to know what you think of the Emergency Contact Cards. Leave a comment below if you saved or completed making yours!


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  1. I am pretty sick with stage 4 cancer and need this on me and my caregivers at all times. THANK YOU SO MUCH@

  2. Thank you! This was perfect for our Cub Scouts!

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