1. I love your budget worksheets. I have always loved Dave Ramsey and I have been searcing for a budget sheet that is easy to use. I love yours to death. I tried to download it, but it is all blurry. Any recommendations, am I doing something wrong?

  2. Found you via Pinterest. I tried your link but when it downloaded everything was blurry/black. I use a Mac so not sure if that matters. Any advice?

  3. I recently tried to download your budget worksheets, but also experienced a blurry result. Is there an updated/fixed version?

  4. Hi Ferly, love your templates I tried the link above and I am unable to print ….blurry or it is a only a small section of the page (top right corner of the page). Do you any other suggestions? you are so kind to share this with others ; ) i have a Mac as well.

    I hope I can access your other great templates , meal planner, wallet deviders etc, they are awesome!

  5. This is exactly what I need. Our budget looks a little different though. Is there a way to use your format but change some of the content? I've been trying to figure out a way to do it but haven't had any luck. Thanks. :)

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