1. Congrats! The job sounds awesome. I think it's such a blessing to get paid to do what you love for a place that wants to meet your needs. The good things is that kids are generally resilient, so if your son is like my kids, he'll adjust to the new arrangement before you do.
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    1. Thank you Kacey! The job is awesome! So well suited for where I am in my life, it's as if it was heaven sent {wink}!

  2. I'm so happy that I don't operate out of fear. Having more desire for free time, impromptu coffee dates, late mornings, etc. has allowed me to structure my work from home job around my free time. I began mystery shopping 15 years ago and I've grown my craft into a full time field services business. I work part time hours, with full time pay!

    I so enjoy my free time. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and new granddaughter and pursuing a whole host of interest and hobbies.

    It's nice to hear that your new job is working out so well. I am a firm believer in helping others – you get so much in return! ;)

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