1. I totally know what you're talking about in regards to the "aftermath" of crisis.

    There's that numbness and you're not sure if it's really just because you're so wrung out you have nothing left in you or if it's that the acute pain has dulled a little bit, like a toothache you sort of acclimate to. Or if it's just self-preservation. On top of the numbness comes missing that closeness with God because, during such a heart wrenching time, He's the ONLY reason you woke up in the morning. And while you don't want to return to that season of your life, you miss it because all of the important things in your life became really clear. It was almost like a magnifying glass was placed over those important things, ESPECIALLY God.

    I kinda think God can be compared to a lone pine tree in a forest.

    During our daily life we look out our window and see a ton of different trees. The whole forest! We know He's there and we love Him but we forget to focus on Him. Or we kinda do a cursory "Hey God, what's up?" We're distracted by all those other green beauties out there.

    When everything goes crazy, during the figurative winter of life, we see Him more clearly because He's the only tree that's still green. He's our hiding place. Our only hope of shelter.

    When life starts to get a little better all those other trees start blooming again and compete for our attention. He's still the same, standing strong in the midst of everything else but we don't see Him like we did before.

    It's up to us to make sure we keep running to His tree, not because we're desperate, but because it really is where we want to be. I love your word because this year, I'd love to be able to hang on to God just as tightly when life is great.
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  2. My word is discipline. Like yours, this word is ambitious, but I'm planning to focus on a little bit each month to make sure I don't burn out before the year is over.

  3. My word is Free as in Live Free. This year i'm pressing in to possess my possessions, especially the freedom that Jesus' precious blood was shed to give to me.

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