1. you are so right, ferly, about letting others see your pain. i am a total introvert and blogging for me has been a blessing because it's been my way of telling people that i was hurting when i had a pained smile on my face and a different persona on the outside.

    1. I feel like a burden was lifted off of me when I let others in. Things too heavy for me to bear alone were made bearable when I was able to share.

  2. It's so easy to put on a smile and pretend we're okay, isn't it? I do the same thing with my husband. I didn't talk to him for months about our miscarriage. There was some part of me that was worried he wouldn't "get it" and it just hurt too much. Thank you for sharing your story and encouragement!

    1. I felt the same way. I thought this was my own journey, but letting my husband in was the turning point for me. He got it more than I gave him credit for.

      So glad you we’re encouraged. I hope you’ll continue to follow our journey as much has happened since then.

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