1. First off, thank you for being so honest and open. I found this through Pinterest and its actually EXACTLY what I needed to see. My husband and I have a beautiful little 2 year old little girl who we absolutely adore but we've been trying to conceive another little angel for several months now. What I thought was going to be such an easy thing has turned out to be… well very hard. The more months that go by with that negative result, the more my heart is just breaking and aching. This month has really taken a toll on me and has been pretty hard. I do believe God led me to your blog because this is exactly what I needed to read. So, thank you. (Its also nice to read that someone else knows how I'm feeling!)

    1. I started this series because I knew that I couldn't be the only one who was going through this roller coaster of emotions and am glad that I could walk along side you in this journey! I hope you continue to follow along in the series and gain more encouragement.
      ~ f

  2. Thank you for this blog. I like your new response. We became pregnant in October for the first time. I lost the baby about five or six weeks in. We couldn’t start trying again because of some insecurity in our jobs and in turn our health insurance. We just started trying again two months ago, and I can relate to the devastation every month when I get my period. I know we haven’t been trying long, but I relive the miscarriage every time, because I too find every excuse to think I’m pregnant. I have a hard time because people will ask us if we are ever going to have kids, and I don’t want to upset them, but I really want to tell them we do, he just lives in heaven. Some of our friends have been insensitive about referring to US as the ones without kids. It s stings because I know I’ll never get to hold my baby. Its just rough, but I like your response and may have to start using it. Thanks for your blog in such a difficult subject.

    1. When I changed my response, it really did change my heart. I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you find peace and contentment with where you are now until the time comes around again. Praying that as you change your response, your heart would be changed also. I hope you will come back for more on this series and find hope.
      ~ f

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