1. ferly, i am always blown away by your strength of faith. i am sure to remember your resolve whenever i'm faced with my own trials. while i know my relationship with God has been healed after two miscarriages, i'm sure if i had another loss, i would be beyond destroyed and would take my anger out on God. i pray for the best.

    i agree that God sends us healing in his special way. my nephews adore my husband and always blow past me whenever we get together, in favor of giving their uncle dean a big hug. the day that i learned i was miscarrying the first time, i remember seeing my nephews (because we were all hanging out for mothers day) and in a rare turn, they both came up to me versus my husband and said, "auntie cat, we want to show you a game we're playing." that attention meant the world to me when i was so down.

    1. Thank you for sharing such a heart warming story. I love when we notice God's provision for our specific needs and recognize His presence was there all along.

      ~ f

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