1. This sounds like the perfect book for me to read! I've been praying about what to focus on and have thought about what I'm truly good at, what my purpose…It's always nice to be able to zone in on our strengths and use them to the fullest. My problem is that sometimes I feel like I'm a jack of all trades and a master of non, haha. I agree that knowing our strengths does make us better at connecting and communicating. Thanks for sharing. I added this book to my Amazon wishlist.
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    1. This book definitely helped me to understand how I've been wired. After you read the book and take the StrengthsFinder, I'd love to know what your top 5 are and what you learned!

  2. My top 5 were analytical,maximizer,ideation,strategic and individualization. These strengths come in handy as a strategist! I'd also say that the book is great for high school students as well. My nephew loved it! Probably because he's analytical too hehe
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    1. Ooh ideation, I like that! We have a couple of strengths in common. I agree that high school students would benefit from the StrengthsFinder as well.

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