How Discovering Your Strengths Can Help You Grow, Love, and Serve

We all have things that we know how to do, but more often than not, we don’t always get to do what we want to do for much of our day. Whats even harder is not being in tune with our strengths in the first place. How can I be of service to others when I don’t even fully understand myself?


Do you ever feel like you can make a difference, but you’re not sure where to start? Or do you think you have a good grasp on what you’re good at, but not sure how to use your strengths to make an impact?

Gifts We Use is a place that helps you grow, so you can love and serve others well. Heres a resource that is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to knowing your strengths (aka gifts).

Now, Discover Your Strengths

Each of us has a unique set of talents and abilities. The happiest people know what their gifts are and use them on a consistent basis to help others.

Key members of the highly respected Gallup Organization sought to change the way the business world works and start what they call a strengths revolution. Their work in surveying hundreds of thousands of employees culminated in the book that has helped so many (including me), Now, Discover Your Strengths. Many organizations have implemented this as part of their team building, but it is great for individuals and families too.

The book can be found at most bookstores and also from Amazon. The links in this post are my affiliate links, and when you use them, you support what I do here. Learn more about my recommendations here.

Knowing My Strengths Helped My Relationships

Knowing my strengths has helped me more than any other personality test that I have taken before. The difference with the StrengthsFinder is that my strengths do not tend to change over time like other tests that try to explain your personality. These actually find the strengths you use consistently, not your latest affinity.

I discovered my strengths years ago and have come back to them again and again to center myself when I need to reconnect with who I am and how I work best. Here are my top five strengths:

  1. Positivity
  2. Connectedness
  3. Developer
  4. Individualization
  5. Maximizer

Knowing my strengths explained much of my tendencies and helped me to use them in work and in life. For example, My top strength was a given for me. I am definitely a positive person and much of how I view things sees the bright side. Developer was something I only vaguely knew about myself. When I began working using my strengths, it changed the way I work. When I began developing processes or plans, the work was so much more rewarding to me.

The StrengthsFinder also gave me great insight into how I relate to others. This is where individuals and families can benefit. Knowing my husbands strengths has helped me to understand him better. My husband took the strengths finder and his top five strengths really enlightened me. I keep them in mind when we discuss some heavy topics and I have a better understanding of the way his mind works.

The StrengthsFinder

If you want to discover your strengths, getting the book Now, Discover Your Strengths will help you. The book will take you through the process of how the StrengthsFinder came to be, explain the thirty-four themes of the StrengthsFinder, how you can put your strengths to work, and how to relate to other peoples strengths. For you high achievers, there is also StrengthsFinder 2.0.

Part of growing as a person is understanding ourselves. Now, Discover Your Strengths has helped me to understand a lot about myself. Knowing my natural strengths has helped me time and time again to understand how I can make a difference where ever I am and has given me great insight when dealing with others. I know it will help you too.

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