How to Create a Social Media Strategy to Grow, Love and Serve Your Audience

Serious bloggers know the value of good content, it results in helping someone in their work or life. That’s why bloggers love to do what they do. Sometimes, that can be difficult to translate to a social media platform without duplicating your blog feed. There is a way to bring your blog to the world of social media without taking away from your blog.

Everything I write here views topics through the lens of how to use information/technology to grow, love and serve. Social media strategy is no different. Social media is meant for connection. To connect and grow your following, your strategy should be to grow, love, and serve your audience.

Social Media Strategy

Most people are on social media to connect with people and brands that are significant to them. Even with the many different platforms, complex algorithms, and lack of time, you can apply a grow, love and serve strategy to social media.

Many publishers like BuzzFeed have found success on social media because they taught people something useful in a short amount of time. What can you teach your audience in a short amount of time in the form of a photo, video or short paragraph what will make them stop and react to your post?

The primary reason people are on social media is to see how their family and friends are doing. Its to keep in touch with loved ones near and far. How can you show your audience what youre up to? How can you create conversations and discussion around your content?

Most social media shares come from content that is both useful and relevant. Strive to make your content useful, informative, and if possible evergreen. Are your posts social share worthy? Would you share it if you saw it in your feed? Noticing your own habits as a user can guide what you post on social media.

Practical Applications

Now that you have a strategy for what to post, its time to put go over how to do it. Another way to think of grow, love and serve is to teach, connect, and share.

Be intentional
Your social content should connect first, teach second, and share (your posts) last. If you continually add value to someones feed, they will be more likely to share when you have a new post. Social media is an engaging two-way conversation, not about blasting your latest post on all channels at the same time.

intentional timing is also another thing to consider. Don’t feel like you have to post a grow, love and serve post every single day. Try to hit each category in a week. There are very few people I want to hear from more than once a day. Don’t get unfollowed for being too noisy.

Just as important (if not more so) than timing is platform. Be intentional about the platforms in which you are active. This will cut down on a lot of wheel-spinning. Focus your time and attention where your audience is most engaged.

For me, that meant removing Twitter from my site because my readers told me that theyre not even there. Im not wasting my time coming up with content and creating fancy embeds when thats not where my readers are.

The last thing Ill say about being intentional is that you should be careful about who you follow back. The best rule of thumb is to follow back engaged followers. They are your tribe because they invest in you like you invest in them.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse
Your social feed should be fed by your blog content. When you have new posts ready to be shared on social, it can generate many different forms of content that points readers back to your blog. Ultimately, when you share a new post on social, you want to lead them to your blog.

Here are some different ways of extracting content to repurpose for social:

  • Pull quotes for Twitter
  • Quote graphics for Instagram
  • Blog excerpts for Facebook

Here are some ideas for expanding your content:

  • Take good content you edited out and make a separate post
  • Support your blog content by reusing it in a different way, like creating a video

Be a Social Power User
If you want to grow and love your audience better, using the advanced features of a platform should be your next move. Create a community within your following by starting a Facebook group for a specific purpose (not to create another duplicate of your blog feed).

One of the newest features on Instagram, Stories, is giving SnapChat a run for its money. Learn how you can leverage these features to connect with your audience in new and different ways.

If you sensed a theme here, its that your social feed should not look like your blog, and the different social platforms you are on should not look like duplicates either. Each social platform is different and appeals to your audience for different reasons. They each have a unique appeal, so although your approach for each is to grow, love, and serve, be mindful of how to leverage the best parts of each platform in a unique way.


What are some of your best social media tips for bloggers? You can share as a blogger or as a user. For users, what do you react to most? What kind of posts dont you like? Lets talk about it in the comments.

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