How to Create a Routine for Moms and Why it Matters

Moms wear a lot of different hats. Moms are housekeepers, cooks, nurses, teachers, wives, drivers, and even employees. Because of this, its important to stay organized. One major problem that all moms face is time. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day to do it all for all the family. More often than not, we neglect ourselves because time just seems to slip through our dishpan hands.

There is a way to take care of everything and everyone, even yourself. The solution is routines. Creating routines in your day will make you more efficient. One of my strengths is Maximizing, and Ill share how routines have maximized my days and weeks.

Some of you may feel like routines are boring and restrictive, you may have even rolled your eyes at the thought of adding routines to your day. Well, bring those eyes back, ladies, because theres a reason why routines work. Routines work because once you get them down, youll be on autopilot (in a good way).

Having routines doesnt mean you go through your days as a robot, but it means that you make space for doing whats important to you and your family. If mommas not happy, nobodys happy. Do you ever get time for yourself anymore? Try creating a morning routine. Cant ever seem to clean the house? Create a tidy up routine in the evening. See where this is going?

Here are the keys to create a routine that matters so moms can take care of themselves and their family.

Creating Space

Most moms have a to-do list a mile long, and thats just for things to do around the house and school, were not even talking about work or social obligations. Create space by spreading out your tasks across your entire week. Ive shared about my ideal week in this post, I still use and update it every quarter.

Spreading out your tasks across your whole week will take pressure off your days, so you dont feel like you have to clean the entire house in one day while thinking about drop-off and pick-up. Wait, were you supposed to go to the dentist today? Sigh. Give yourself a week (and a break) to accomplish what needs to get done.

The Best times for routines

The best way to avoid feeling like a robot is to select key times for routines. Selecting key times of day for routines provides structure for your family because they know what to expect. Routines also help you commit to whats important to you personally.

For the mom who has no time to herself, I want to challenge you to create a morning routine. Your morning routine will be just for you. Read, pray, journal, exercise, have a quiet cup of coffee. Fill yourself up before the rest of the house wakes up and youll be ready to take on the day.

For extra credit, you could also create an evening routine that includes quiet time with your husband and kids. Imagine starting the day investing in yourself and ending the day connecting calmly with your loved ones. Think about how your days could change with a routine!

Sample Routines

If thats not enough to convince you that you need routines, let me share how it has changed me. My ideal week had most of the ideas that I mention today except that I hadnt made them into routines. I tried to fit everything in, but my days were scattered. They went from one thing to another just to fill a time slot.

When I restructured my days by creating routines, my days began to look intentional. Like I was doing things on purpose with purpose (because I was). Sometimes it is a struggle to keep up, but holding on to why I created routines in the first place gets me over haphazard days quick. Let me show you what I mean.

Here is a sample of my morning routine:

  • Read Bible
  • Journal
  • Pray
  • Review my goals
  • Exercise
  • Drink water
  • Make bed
  • Get ready

I have to wake up pretty early in the morning to do all of this, because if I dont do it before the family wakes up, it wont get done. These are the things that are important to keeping me sane, so they deserve the first part of my day. Notice that my routine cares for my mind, body, and spirit all before the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready begins.

I was talking to a client the other day about routines, and I audibly heard her groan (just like I saw your eyes roll). Shes a free-spirited lady, and even she saw the value of routines when put in the proper mindset. Routines are meant to be freeing, not restrictive. They free you up to focus on whats important so you can love and serve well.

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