How to Create Christmas Cards Using PicMonkey

The holidays can get pretty expensive and I try to do what I can to save money where its possible by DIYing. Being the techy me that I am, my DIY adventures happen on the computer. Each year we take family photos and use them to make our annual Christmas cards to send to family and friends. The cost of taking professional photos, buying professionally designed Christmas Cards, postage and printer ink for our annual newsletter can really take a bite out of our budget. For the last couple of years I have created our family Christmas cards on PicMonkey, then printed them at our local 1 hour photo place. It turns a $50-$75 purchase for fancy cards into a $15 purchase for prints and they say Merry Christmas the same way. Thats a lot of savings! Today, Im gifting you with a tutorial on how to create Christmas Cards using PicMonkey once youve gotten those fantastic looking family photos. Create a Collage The first step in creating your holiday masterpiece is to go to and click Create a Collage. Then choose the best 7 shots from your family photos by clicking Open Photos. They can be more or less, but I like to tell a story with my card, so having 7 options to choose from is a good start. Select a Christmas card layout from the Card options. I use the 57 size and pick the layout with one large photo in the center surrounded with smaller photos on either side. I make my cards in a landscape orientation {wide, not tall}, so I rotate the collage by clicking the rotate button at the bottom. Then I change the resolution to 2100 by 1400 pixels because I print my photos in 46 and click the lock button to make sure it stays that size. Experience has taught me to check this and change the size before uploading it to my photo centers website. If you want a 57 print, keep the size the same. Next place your photos where ever you like and pan/zoom if needed. Because my family and friends have yet to receive our cards, I am giving you all sneak peek, so shhh dont tell! Add a Christmas Touch Once youve got the collage sized the way you like, its time to add a touch of Christmas. I do this by adding a texture provided by PicMonkey.??When youve selected a texture, add it to the collage by clicking and dragging it onto the collage until you see a blue bar that adds it to your current layout. Once you add the texture, youll have to re-size the new additions by dragging the border to your desired size. Then go to the other photos and the re-size if its needed.