Thankful for Blogger Friends

In the spirit of giving thanks, I want to use today to give thanks to a few friends that I have made in the blogosphere. Each of these bloggers has inspired me to be a better person and a better blogger. The life of a blogger can be lonely, but having blog friends has made me love what I do even more. If you don’t have blog friends, get them now! Here are a few that I am happy to call friends.


Jamie from Two Happy Mamas

Jamie | Two Happy MamasJamie is one of Two Happy Mamas that blog about all things Mom and recently launched a baby registry service. Along with her long time friend, they started Two Happy Mamas together where they share things close to a Mama’s heart – food, fashion and funny stories; they even support small businesses by spotlighting their favorite Etsy finds. Jamie and I were interns together this summer and we hit it off from the get go. Jamie is uber smart, ultra sassy and awesomely witty.

I am thankful for Jamie because she makes me want to be better blogger. She has great ideas and smart solutions for ways we can grow our blogs together. I love the connection we have as bloggers who want to know what it takes to make our spaces the best it can be for you {our readers}.


Pamela from A Renaissance Woman

Pamela | A Renaissance WomanPamela M Kramer {I enjoy calling her by her full name} is a social media wizard! Another friend I met as an intern, her lifestyle blog chronicles her techy discoveries along with her adventures in motherhood and fitness. She is always good for tips and tricks when it comes to social media and back-end blog coding. Pamela also makes her mark by volunteering at blog conferences and supporting her local blogger community in Houston, TX.

I am thankful for Pamela because I learn so much each time we {virtually} get together. The things she has in her mind are full of wonderfully practical ways to make my blog the best it can be. She helps me to fill up my bloggy to do list.


Kacey from Next Level Mama

Kacey | Next Level MamaKacey runs Next Level Mama and strives to get moms to be inspired, different and fun! Kacey doesn’t run a blog, she’s starting a movement. She is bound and determined to get readers to the next level as moms and as women and her blog speaks to all facets of our being from the creative and productive to the personal and spiritual. We met via comment exchanges about two years ago and now regularly contribute to each other’s blogs.

I am thankful for Kacey because she has seen me through since the beginning. We have seen each other’s blogs grow and evolve during our time in the blogosphere and it has been great growing together. I know I can count on her to be an encouragement in and out of blogland.


Catherine from Dear Vixen

Catherine | Dear VixenCatherine is the blogger behind Dear Vixen and writes about her findings in real estate, finance and her journey through miscarriage and trying to conceive. Although I can’t remember exactly how we found each other, I was immediately drawn to Catherine’s blog because I love to support my fellow Filipino bloggers. Our parallel journeys of growing our families has kept me coming back to her blog and has forged a connection that has caused me to keep her in my own prayers.

I am thankful for Catherine because our journeys have given us someone to relate to. I am inspired by her honesty as she writes about her journey, and she holds a special place in my heart because she has been so transparent on the real and raw stuff of life.

header - conclusion

Please take the time to say hello to each of these fantastic bloggers {and tell them Ferly sent you}! As you think about being thankful, I hope you know how much work each blogger puts into their own special place on the www. We love what we do and strive to be better at it. I am thankful for the influence each of these ladies has had on me as a blogger and as a person. Thank you ladies!

Do you have a blogger friend that you are thankful for? Go and tell them today {and introduce them to me in the comments too}! I love discovering new genius.


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  1. Thanks so much Ferly for putting me in what seems to be the company of some pretty awesome bloggers. I'm glad we had a chance to cross paths, and I love what you're doing on your blog. You're always doing something to push me to step up my blogging game…smile! I look forward to checking out these new blogs.
    My recent post Thanksgiving Unplugged

    1. All awesome bloggers (present company included)!

  2. Oh Ferly! You are so wonderful. It's one of those dips when things have been looking a bit gloomy when it comes to the bloggy world. That is another story.

    Then you come along and pay thanks and it makes it all worth it! Thank you, because all any of us really want is a little recognition. :)

    1. Oh Pamela, I’m so glad I could brighten your day. That’s what these relationships are all about. Lifting each other up. Gift!

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