1. Me too! I couldn’t figure out Hootsuite, but Buffer I was able to navigate right away. Love it!

  1. These seem like really helpful apps! I am going to check these out for myself and have pinned it to my "e learning" Pinterest" board so others can read it, too!
    My recent post Analyze Your Handwriting

    1. They are super helpful, especially since I read and share other posts in bulk. I love that it spaces everything out for me so I can do it once for all my social media.

  2. Hi Ferly, will check out your two tools. I use hootsuite.com for my social media, sounds like the mouse app your talking about. The free version only allows 5 streams in your feed for free and you have to pay for any amount of others that you would like. They absolutely save time for sharing on social media, and are tools bloggers really can't do without.

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