1. Happy SITs day!

    I too have a love for office suppiles! Its just somethint about them lol :)

  2. I love office supplies too, and for the first time I’m working in an office, so I’m surrounded by them.
    The container store sounds like a place I would LOVE.
    Happy SITS day!

  3. Wow! We have so much in common. A love of office supplies, love to organize, loathe to clean, love of planning, hate of junk mail, laundry issues, and a love of The Container Store! Will definitely be following you now! Thanks to the SITs “introduction” to you.


  4. Visiting from SITS – following you on GFC & Twitter.

    Congrats on being featured – I totally need help in the organizing dept. :)

  5. Happy SITS day! I love the happy family photo. Motherhood throws most of us into a loop. Some of us never find our way out! I’m glad you’re finding yours and helping other to find theirs. God bless! Oh, and I’ll start following you. :)

    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

  6. I love office supplies too. I have to be careful around back to school time or I’ll end up with baskets full of supplies. And the Container Store–one of my dream shopping spree spots.

  7. Maybe some of your organizing skills will soak through the keyboard if I stay here and read enough. Maybe.

    Happy SITS day!

  8. Congratulation on your SITS day :D will continue to read your blog next morning. my oh my ! I’m falling in love with your blog :D

  9. I think we may be kindred spirits. Every random fact about you is a fact about me – with the exception of scissors. Fancy scissors, maybe. :) Can’t wait to read a bunch of your posts and to start following you.

  10. I love organizing and technology! My heart skips beats for the both of them! :)

    Visiting from Sits! Congrats on the feature!!!!

  11. Happy SITS Day!! You have a cute blog & family :) I also love the container store & office supplies…my fiance thinks I’m crazy because I get excited to go to staples! Haha. Have a great day being featured :)


  12. Ferly, congratulations on your SITS Day! I’ve looked around a bit and I love your blog. I also want to compliment you on having such a beautiful looking family. That’s awesome! Lastly, I love, love, love that you highlighted the fact that you have a relationship with Christ. Way cool! He is smiling down on you, very pleased… I just know it. Again, I hope you had a great SITS Day. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year too!

  13. Happy belated SITS day!! We have a lot in common. I’m addicted to organizing and the office supply store. I’ve avoided the container store but I’m might be giving in to that soon. My supply of organizing books is crazy. My goal for 2013 is to be completely organized. Wish me luck. Love your blog…I’m having a PINTEREST Social hop. I’d love for you to hop on over, grab a button and link up your Pinterest. If you don’t have Pinterest it’s ok, come link up your blog.http://mydailyphotojourney.blogspot.com/2012/12/pinterest-party.html I’m also looking for Pinterest Pinners to feature every week beginning in January. If you are on Pinterest and are interested in being featured come link up! Who knows you might meet some other great pinners and gain a few great ideas. http://mydailyphotojourney.blogspot.com/2012/12/looking-for-pinners.html

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