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More and more people are reading blog posts from mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. The same is true for bloggers like myself. I have been doing more commenting from my iOS devices recently and want to share with you a few shortcuts I created to make commenting quick and easy. Did you know that you can program your iOS device to type for you? It’s true! You can select a short combinations of letters, numbers and symbols to be a shortcut for any word or phrase you choose. I discovered this long ago and use it to create shortcuts for my blogger information.

Save time when commenting by using these iOS Shortcuts for Bloggers | Tips and Tutorial | @GiftsWeUse {to grow, love and serve}

What is an iOS device?

Apple named the operating system used by their mobile devices {iPhone, iPad and iPod touch} iOS. They all run the same operating system to make mobile browsing possible. Instead of constantly referring to each gadget individually, Apple coined the term “iOS device” to reference all of their smart mobile devices as one since they all work the same way. I will do the same here.


Blogger email

iOS Shortcuts for Bloggers | Tips and Tutorial | @GiftsWeUseWhen filling out a comment form, you have to leave the typical three {name, email and website url}. When I’m blog hopping, it’s a pain to constantly type the same information over and over again and toggle between character keyboards. This increases my chances of making a mistake and typing the wrong information. Because of this, I created a shortcut that automatically fills in my blogger email address.

When creating a shortcut, use something that is unique and easy to remember. My shortcut for my blogger email is @gwu. The @ symbol helps me to remember the shortcut is for an email, and the abbreviation gwu is for Gifts We Use. With each email shortcut I use, I start it with the @ symbol, then abbreviate the address.

This one can get tricky because I also created a shortcut for my personal email accounts and some of them share the same domain {i.e.}. If I made the shortcut “@ g”, then each time I typed that my blogger email would automatically populate. I don’t want that to happen every time, only when I’m trying to use my blogger email. This is why choosing a unique shortcut is important.


Blog url

iOS Shortcuts for Bloggers | Tips and Tutorial | @GiftsWeUseAnother important piece of information when commenting is the blog URL. This is not usually a required field when commenting, but what it does is create a link back to your site when your comment appears below the blog post. I use this feature often when I see an interesting comment on a post and bloggers are wise to use it.

When I comment, I want to bring bloggers and readers back to my site, so I want to make sure that I fill out my blog URL correctly each time. My shortcut for my blog url is http. This one is easy because I only have one site and never use the combination of letters {http} for anything else but my own blog url.

It is rare that I enter this combination of letters for anything but my own blog url. Usually when I enter an address in my browser, I leave out the fluffy “http” or “www”. I’m sure you do too.


Blog Comment Signature Code

iOS Shortcuts for Bloggers | Tips and Tutorial | @GiftsWeUseI believe every comment is an opportunity to make an impression. With that, I treat comments like mini emails. This is especially true if I am commenting on a blog I haven’t visited before. I structure my comments in this way – comment on blog post, how I discovered the blog, sign off with my name and link back to my blog.

My sign off is my signature way of ending my comment. I leave a piece of code at the very end to bring whoever reads my comment back to my blog. If coding weren’t hard enough on a computer, imagine having to code on a mobile device. Hopefully you all have read my tutorial on how to create a blog comment signature to learn how to code this in yourself.

I don’t want to be spammy so I keep it simple and just end with Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}. Again, I only use this combination when entering code information, so this code the perfect candidate for a shortcut. My shortcut for my blog comment signature is <a.


A Gift for You

Now that you know what and why, I’m here to gift you with the how. Here is an easy tutorial I’ve created to help you create your own iOS shortcuts for blogging {and personal ones too}. I love a good gift!

iOS Shortcuts for Bloggers | Tips and Tutorial | @GiftsWeUse

If you have the latest version of iOS installed on your devices and you are connected with iCloud, your shortcuts may only need to be entered once. I tested this with a new shortcut – I created one on my iPhone, then I checked to see if it was on my iPad and sure enough, there she was! Beware: there may be a bit of lag time in between. If you don’t have either of those {the latest iOS update or iCloud}, just enter the same shortcut in each device.

header - conclusion

These shortcuts are yet another reason why I heart technology! I get to make the machine do what I want and it listens every time! As I was commenting the other day, I thought of you {my blogger friends}. You are the reason this post came to be and I hope that it is a useful tidbit for you to make mobile commenting easy so you can spend more time supporting other bloggers and not worrying about your fingers mis-typing your code.

Does anyone else use iOS shortcuts for blogging? What else could you use iOS shortcuts for? Share your brilliance in the comments.


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    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for gifting it forward.

    1. You’re welcome! Hope it’s useful to you.

  1. On my gosh, I LOVE you! My blog name and Email address are SO long and I bet I have typed them (and retyped them) a thousand times. I've always wondered if there was a way to do this, but had no idea how to set it up. This is brilliant. I also added in several pesky typos that I keep making – Dunday for Sunday and Dcouts for Scouts. Now when I type the wrong thing, it will auto-correct it. Thanks for sharing! #SITSSharefest

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