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There comes a time when getting to the next level requires a major shift. This is one of those times. I shared in this post that it takes courage to walk unexpected paths. Here I’ll share part of my journey and invite you to walk down this new path with me to find real-life connection in this digitally saturated world.

Why Change?

Helping others has always been my goal from day one of this blogging journey. This past summer, I found out that my job was being phased out at the end of 2016. Our family decided that blogging would be my full-time gig. My husband knew I was happiest when I was writing for and helping you. It was also during this time that I needed to take a serious look at how I could make the most impact to help others.

After much prayer and counseling, it dawned on me that I would be most effective in helping others in a different capacity than on Gifts We Use. Helping you get to a clutter-free life will still be a focus of mine, but it will focus mostly on technology use as opposed to organizing. There will still be elements of organizing and productivity, but it won’t be the main focus.

My husband’s support in pursuing this venture turned what could have been a dismal six months into months of hopeful dreaming, prayerful seeking, and thoughtful preparing for big things. We are on the cusp of something great and I hope you will join me.

What’s Changing?

The rebrand will not be a complete shift, but as I mentioned earlier, some things will not cross over to the new site. Gifts We Use will shift to a personal brand, Ferly Tangonan.

It’s still me, obviously, but with, my mission will be to help parents filter through fast-paced technology information and focus on tech that matters in their life, family, and work so that they can confidently put boundaries on technology and focus on real life connection.

That’s right, technology will be the main focus of the new site. Tech has been a main focus of the blog posts here recently and it makes sense as I move forward to serve those who struggle with how best to use technology and those who want to have healthy boundaries around technology so that we don’t miss what’s happening in the room.

With the rebrand, I will be your personal tech guide helping you embrace technology for the right reasons, and encouraging you to turn it off for the best reasons. Topics I will write about on the new site will include productivity apps, devices that limit technology usage in the home, social media trends, best times to put your device down, parenting your kid’s technology use, and more.

Many parents shared with me that they are frustrated by the pace at which technology moves and the amount of time it takes in their days. My goal is to help you sift through the noise and share what matters for what you do so that you can use it when it’s time to work and feel confident to turn it off when it’s time to play.

Where Will You Go for Organizing?

Since organizing and planning are in my blood, many of my posts will still have those same undertones with a techy spin. If you are looking for specific ways to organize your home, my favorite bloggers to follow are Jen from iHeartOrganizing and Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons. They have been doing what they do for years and they are my go-to gals for organizing eye candy.

Now What?

For now, you can still get all of my free printables before the rebrand goes live. Once that happens, some of the printables will get redesigned, and some will go away altogether. I plan on providing free downloads on the new site because I still love giving out gifts.

This also means this is the last chance to purchase the premium Party Planner printable before it goes away for good.

If technology is bogging you down and leaving you less connected to those around you, sign up to stay connected to the new site once the rebrand is complete!

Question: Does technology frustrate you? What is your biggest frustration about technology? Share with us in the comments.

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Ferly is a wife, mom, and blogger. She helps overwhelmed moms organize the most time-consuming areas of life so they can spend time doing what’s important.

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  1. Sounds exciting Ferly! I look forward to following you at your new spaces. Kudos to your hubby for being so supportive.

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