4 Ways Letting Technology Shop for You is a Gift (My Stitch Fix Experience)

Technology helps us to be more efficient in work and in life. Thanks to technology we can automate things like an email signature, keeping in touch with family and friends, and even syncing family calendars. But can technology automate shopping? Can technology shop for you and get it right? Im here to share with you […]

How to Create a Social Media Strategy to Grow, Love and Serve Your Audience

Serious bloggers know the value of good content, it results in helping someone in their work or life. That’s why bloggers love to do what they do. Sometimes, that can be difficult to translate to a social media platform without duplicating your blog feed. There is a way to bring your blog to the world […]

How to Create a Routine for Moms and Why it Matters

Moms wear a lot of different hats. Moms are housekeepers, cooks, nurses, teachers, wives, drivers, and even employees. Because of this, its important to stay organized. One major problem that all moms face is time. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day to do it all for all the family. More often than not, […]

The Best Way to Create a Strong Password That You’ll Remember

Have you noticed that sites are putting more restrictions on passwords you create? They have to include numbers, capital letters, symbols, I’ve even seen some that don’t allow your password to be a dictionary word. Then, you cant use a password you’ve used in the past. Ugh! What do these people want from us!?! Well, […]