5 Ways to Organize Thoughts

Life runs a mile a minute with things we need to do and places we need to go. Somewhere in between it all, our souls are growing and maturing as life passes. As hard as life can be at times we are molded and strengthen with??every bump on the road creating a better version of ourselves as we go. With all that life and growth bring, I have used different ways of processing and organizing my thoughts that range from very private to very public. Each of them are used differently, but also builds upon the other. I will share 5 ways to organize your thoughts to capture the growth that happens in you, find the gift in the daily process and use those gifts to love and serve others.

The most intimate way to organize your thoughts is through journaling. I am a wannabe journaler and wish that I did it more. I journal most often during pressing times in my life. You know, when certain thoughts keep you up at night with a quickened heartbeat? Yeah, those times. My journaled thoughts consist of personal fears, life questions and desperate prayer.

The benefit I get in journaling, even as occasionally as I do, is that as I write my thoughts to God, it calms me down to gain some peace in the midst of a storm. Later,??I get to peak back into a part of me that was once hurting and see how those thoughts affected my actions and where I am today. Since I know my own journey pretty well, I know how to connect the dots between entries. Journaling is a gift I use to grow.

Notes are another good way keep thoughts organized. I use notes for short tidbits of thoughts and memories I want to capture. I have a running note on my phone I call Mateo Moments that consist of all those funny and memorable things my son says or does. My goal for doing this is for remembrance and for passing on. The thoughts organized in notes are not as private {or lengthy} as thoughts written in a journal. Sometimes I find an answered prayer in??my notes that overlaps my journaling.

The benefit I get in note taking is that I can look back at those captured thoughts and reminisce on sweet times because I dont often journal the happy or funny moments of life. I laugh at the silly things my son says and it makes me love and appreciate him more, a great thing to look at when weve had a rough day. Notes are a gift I use to capture growth and love.

Printed quotes are a great way to keep positive thoughts of affirmation within regular eyeshot in the home or office. I have a few scriptures displayed around my home for this very purpose. Most of those thoughts are a direct result of things I have learned from praying and journaling. They are the thoughts that fill my mind, becoming an outpouring of my heart for others to see when they come into my home.

The benefit I get from displaying printed quotes is that I see some of the lessons I learned as I walk through my home and go about my daily life. Printed quotes are a gift I use to express love.

Social Media

The things that I see and read on social media can be tiring to say the least with bashing, complaining and just plain hate. It is the reason many take a break or fast from social media. In its purest sense, social media is a??collection of our thoughts expressed to others in our circle of influence. Even though a lot of negative makes its way to my eyes and ears, I strive to take each thought captive and turn it into a something used for good.

The benefit I get from social media is I get to take the things that come into my mind, process them, and positively express it to others who see me in social media, it takes my thoughts beyond me to directly impact others. Social media is a gift I use to serve those around me.


Though blogging is not for everyone, it has been my way of taking my organized thoughts {in the ways I mentioned above} and encouraging others to make positive change in their lives. Before I can use blogging to take my thoughts and turn them into actions that can help others, it all starts with my thoughts. I wouldn’t have much to write about if real life struggles didn’t happen to me. I write about organizing because my house gets messy, I write about technology because it makes my complex life simpler, I write about family life because I walk through real life struggles, I write about blogging because when I got started, it was hard for me to find information that was relevant and easy to understand.

The benefit I get from blogging is that the growth lessons I’ve processed aren’t wasted, they are exposed for public viewing in hopes that it can help another get through their own valley. Blogging is a gift I use to serve others.

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