4 Ways Letting Technology Shop for You is a Gift (My Stitch Fix Experience)

Technology helps us to be more efficient in work and in life. Thanks to technology we can automate things like an email signature, keeping in touch with family and friends, and even syncing family calendars. But can technology automate shopping? Can technology shop for you and get it right? Im here to share with you 4 ways letting technology shop for you is a gift.

In my younger days, the mall would be my go-to place. I could spend hours wandering the corridors, casually browsing as many stores as I could???then I became a mom. These days, going to the mall is a chore and rarely is it about shopping for myself. Call it old age or a season of life, but now I feel like malls are crowded. Shopping with kids is hard. Im constantly saying The store is not a playground!

Even if my hubby kindly offers to let me venture a store alone, I know I wont have enough time to shop the way I like to, so either I dont even bother or I go in knowing that I can only look at certain sections. Im a picky shopper when it comes to my clothes and I need time to browse, try on clothes, and go through racks a second time. Here comes that collective mom-sigh again, ready? Sigh.

Thats when I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. Stitch Fix is a subscription service that sends you select pieces to try on at home, pay for items you keep, and send back items you want to return. All without having to find parking, fight crowds, or tell your kid (again) why you will not rent a fire truck stroller.

The best part about Stitch Fix is their app (yes, they have an app)! Their website is great, but their app takes their service up a notch. Heres a look at my Stitch Fix experience and the 4 reasons I enjoy it.

1 Personalization

The key to allowing technology to shop for you is to help them to learn about your style. Stitch Fix does this with a personalized Style Profile. They ask very specific questions, some I wasnt sure how to answer, but it was a great way to get myself thinking about my own style. Visual aids of different styles really helped me to shape my style. Questions around fit, size, and price range all help Stitch Fix stylists get to know you and your taste.

My favorite part about the Style Profile is it asks who you follow on social and what you pin. Finally! A way to let your pins work for you! Can you hear the choir sing? Aaaaaaaaah! Letting my pins do the talking helps my stylist pick pieces that I will love. Heres a peek into my Style board on Pinterest.

2 Customization

If you want to tell your stylist more, there are several places to do that. First, is in the Style Profile. At first, I wasnt sure what to put in the notes, but after pinning from the Stitch Fix boards on Pintrest, it helped me learn my likes and dislikes in each style. I used that knowledge to communicate in my Style Profile. Heres my personal sample:

I live in a coastal climate, so Id like outfits that can go from warm to cool weather.


  • Casual solids, cardigans, scarves, belts
  • Glam chunky chain, rose gold, tassel pendant
  • Romantic lace, sheer fabric, feminine sleeves, pearls
  • Edgy moto jackets, booties, zippers
  • Preppy buttons, polka dots, layers
  • Boho patterns, flowy cuts, colors


  • Casual ripped jeans
  • Glam bangles
  • Romantic bows
  • Edgy pointy studs
  • Preppy knee-high boots
  • Boho Fringe

The second place to send a note to your stylist is in your Fix notes. Each time you get a Fix, theres a place to write a note to your stylist. This is helpful because you can tell your stylist about events you have coming up (like a wedding or an important meeting) and the stylist will select pieces accordingly.

When your Fix arrives in the mail (oh happy day!), you get the pieces selected for you and some bonuses. Heres a snapshot of my latest Fix.

Each Fix comes with a note just for you written by the stylist who selected the pieces. Stylists tell you how they came up with their selections and also send you style cards to give you options for outfits using the selected pieces. Heres what my latest style cards look like.

Even if you decide not to keep all the pieces sent to you, the cards are their gift to you. Keep them and use them as a reference for outfit inspiration. I love a good gift!

3 Privacy

When your Fix arrives, try on the selected pieces in the comfort of your own home. Often when Im trying on clothes in a store I have to imagine pieces I own that could go with a potential buy. With Stitch Fix, theres no imagination needed. I can actually try on the piece and incorporate pieces in my own wardrobe. Take a look at how I tried on my Fix pieces using the style cards and my existing wardrobe.

4 Convenience

When it comes to technology, the most obvious benefit is convenience. With Stitch Fix, you pay $20.00 (US) to have a stylist select pieces for you. This styling fee is then applied to the final balance of anything you purchase. Heres an example from my own invoice.

When you know what youre going to keep, checkout is easy from within the app. Not only do you pay for pieces you keep in the app, you can also provide feedback for pieces that you return. The feedback given here helps stylists learn more about your style (and price range) with each Fix. The collage below shows everything together, but in the app, you will see a page for each item individually so you can provide feedback for each piece on its own.

Another great feature of Stitch Fix is that you decide how frequently to receive a Fix. Ive had a Fix twice now, and Ive decided to schedule a Fix every 3 months. Getting a Fix every three months means that I buy a quality piece every season. It also frees me up to continue to bargain shop when I can. Its a good mix of bargain and splurge for me and my wallet.

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